Dear colleagues!

RDI press service is always willing to provide interesting analytical information and up-to-date commentary on relevant events in the real estate market, to answer any additional questions and to arrange interviews with the company's representatives.

The fight against corruption and fraud

If you become aware that any employee of the RDI development company or its subsidiaries has committed any offences related to corruption, property rights, other rights or the company's legal interests, please inform us in one of the following ways:

  • using the feedback form on this page
  • emailing
  • phoning +7 (495) 983-15-20 (ext. 1111)
  • by post: 143421, Moscow region, Krasnokorsk district, 9th km New Riga highway, RegaLand business center, building 3 entrance 1. Address it to the economic security directorate.
  • Objectivity in the handling of any message and non-disclosure of the source are guaranteed.
  • Messages concerning future planned offences are accepted.
  • Anonymous messages are accepted.

Counteraction against corruption