RDI Group focuses on the development of high level technological competence

RDI Group understands it as a question of competitive edge in its forward looking strategy to serve apartment and house owners with the right digital services and the right digital infrastructure. Therefore the development of Smart Home Systems is of high priority to become a smart home service platform provider for our clients in the near future.

Besides our own seperate developments we are currently working on (featured on www.rdi.house), RDI Group also seized the opportunity to become partner of one of CEE’s most advanced IT venture funds: Speedinvest (www.speedinvest.com).

Speedinvest is an Austrian based venture capital fund founded in 2011 with €68M under management that invests in CEE early stage technology startups. Besides providing financial investments, Speedinvest actively deploys its network and know-how to support its portfolio companies. In addition to providing capital like usual venture funds, Speedinvest’s general partners also take operational roles with portfolio companies to accelerate growth, particularly in business and corporate development. Speedinvest’s Silicon Valley operations shorten the steep learning curve, and provide seasoned entrepreneurial talent for fundraising and customer acquisition that are often out of reach of European startups.

The Speedinvest formula has yielded excellent results in a short time, and RDI Group clearly plans to bridge with this exclusive cooperation the technological and economic development of the Russian start up scene with the European and International IT markets.