New Level of Comfort: Terraced Apartments in Zagorodny Kvartal Exurban Residential Complex

In spring, when the nature awakens, many would like to make changes their lives more than ever. The RDI company provides such opportunity to its clients. It now offers terraced apartments that will allow its residents to enjoy fresh, spring air. They may also give new ideas about organization of summer vocations. Contrary to the wide-spread beliefs, terraces can be used not only during warm seasons. It is a good place for leisure-time activities the whole year round. Depending on the season, charcoal brazier can be placed there along with deckchairs or it may be near a New Year tree with a decorative lighting.

During the Soviet period, a terraced apartment showed its tenant's social status, distinguishing it from other hundreds of thousands of other citizens who could have only a small, standard balcony. In modern Russia, terraced apartment designs are much more frequent (much of it is owed to western influences, because apartments with large open space, whose constant attributes include tables and deckchairs, have been in demand for a long time in western countries), but they still found mostly in the elite segment houses in central Moscow. The RDI company made that format more affordable, implementing it in its Zagorodny Kvartal exurban residential complex built several kilometers to the north of the Moscow Ring Road. “Against the backdrop of variety of proposals on the housing market, housing buyers more frequently depart from standard notions, such as individual design, high ceilings or transport accessibility,” says Dmitry Vlasov, RDI commercial director. “Of course, all that is important, but the exclusive character of the proposal, a possibility to own a space limited only by one’s imagination, a significant part of which is in the open, rather than simply live within four walls, is no less important,” he adds/ Possibilities to “expand” the space available is of much practical importance: Since the terrace is an open-air part of the residential apartment and frequently has comparable area, it is designed using the coefficient 0.3.

In the Zagorodny Kvartal exurban residential complex, terraces have niches for growing various plants, from flowers to fir trees. Plants can be used for green fencing or for winter gardening. The niches can also be used for more traditional purposes. One can place comfortable furniture or hang a hammock there, build a roof or install partitions. In any case, the terrace will become a place for meetings with friends or the owner’s leisure-time activities of the family or with friends. Another attractive feature will be beautiful views, which are a plenty in the Zagorodny Kvartal exurban residential complex.

The terrace and apartment layouts are individual, non-standard. In spring, when it becomes worm, demand for apartments with large terraces and fireplaces, but the number of apartments on offer is limited.

Let your positive emotions make your choice of a new apartment inventively. And RDI specialists will help you make the most practical choice buy a really comfortable terraced apartment.