Today, many companies offer customers beneficial terms to buy flats, using various instruments. One of them is the so-called marketing rate set in the framework of promotional events or under special partnership programmes. The purpose of the rate is to stimulate customer demand as it is lower than the rate in effect in the market.

RDI is launching a promotional campaign “Thaw Is On! Flats at 9.9% per Annum”, conducted on special terms. A loan agreement specifies an effective bank rate, but the overpaid amount is lower than the rate. A logical question may arise, “How can it be achieved?” Thanks to a discount of three per cent on a selected flat, offered by the developer provided the buyer pays for the flat partially by means of a housing loan made by the Russian Savings Bank.

The campaign will be held from March 1, 2015 to March 31, 2015 inclusive. It is aimed to promote the sale of flats in Novo-Molokovo and Yuzhnoye Vidnoye.

Please note that the number of those taking part in the campaign is limited. For more information, contact RDI specialists by telephone at +7 (495) 585-2222