Apartment, school and daycare for 3.8 mil. rub.

Novo-Molokovo residential complex is one of the most sought after and marketable in the local market.  Developer of the project – company RDI. Considering the high quality of construction and realization of construction plan ahead of schedule, the cost of residential space in Novo-Molokovo microdistrict as compared to  other projects in this region is the most affordable for consumers. E.g. one can buy a studio with an area of 43 sq.m. for 3.8 mil.rub., and a two-bedroom apartment (71.3 sq.m.) for 5.9 mil.rub. The total amount of investments in the project comprised over $400 mil.

Novo-Molokovo residential complex is located in the Leninskiy district of Moscow region, 9 km away from the city belt highway along Kashirskoye highway, not far from the city of Vidnoe. It’s one of the most attractive Moscow region residential projects. The total area of residential premises in the complex comprises 330 thousand sq.m. divided into 5 thousand apartments. The concept is based on the idea of creating comfortable and quality dwellings corresponding to European standards, at an affordable price.

The project plan includes 13 modern residential houses with a variable number of floors, as well as amenities: school (for over 800 students), two daycare centers (for 260 children), multi-level garages, shopping and entertainment center, fitness center and outpatient clinic. A large boulevard for taking walks will be created in the center of the microdistrict. Many solutions and technologies utilized in Novo-Molokovo correspond to business class standards.

This project is one of the leaders for sales of newly-built housing in its segment (an average monthly of 3% of the total volume of supply in the local market is realized under this project). The share of Novo-Molokovo residential complex in the supply market of high-rise housing in the Vidnoe city area comprises 16%, the share in the sales volume also comprises around 16%.

You can buy an apartment in the residential complex using mortgage credit. At the moment one can buy an apartment in Novo-Molokovo residential complex on credit using programs offered by the leading Russian banks: Sberbank, Raiffeisenbank, VTB 24 etc.

The current high sales dynamics of the project demonstrates that the product offered to the customer fully corresponds to the realities and demands of the modern market and is great value for money.  

Dmitry Vlasov, RDI commercial director: “Non-conventional architectural solutions, construction work quality, convenient location, attractive price, project reliability and possibility of obtaining mortgage credit. All these and other factors make residential complex Novo-Molokovo a marketable and  profitable project from the investment point of view. Besides, considering that based on the results of the second quarter of 2014 Leninskiy district is one of the three leading districts with respect to volume of new residential space commissioned in the Moscow region so that customers have an extensive selection, Novo-Molokovo project is one of the top ones with respect to volume and pace of sales in the local market”.

It should also be noted that Novo-Molokovo complex is being implemented in 5 stages. Final completion of the project is scheduled for 2017.