viennacontemporary 22 to 25 September 2016 in the Marx Halle

Following the resounding success of the first edition of viennacontemporary in 2015 in the spectacular
ambience of the Marx Halle, the largest and most important art fair in the region will once again convene
more than 100 extraordinary Austrian, Eastern European, and international galleries in a showcase of
emerging and established contemporary art.

Apartment, school and daycare for 3.8 mil. rub.

Novo-Molokovo residential complex is one of the most sought after and marketable in the local market.  Developer of the project – company RDI. Considering the high quality of construction and realization of construction plan ahead of schedule, the cost of residential space in Novo-Molokovo microdistrict as compared to  other projects in this region is the most affordable for consumers. E.g. one can buy a studio with an area of 43 sq.m. for 3.8 mil.rub., and a two-bedroom apartment (71.3 sq.m.) for 5.9 mil.rub. The total amount of investments in the project comprised over $400 mil.

RDI Mortgage Program “Heroes of Our Time”

RDI, a leading developer of the Moscow region, successfully sells apartments in its micro-districts under the “Military Mortgage” program. This special mortgage product developed together with leading banks for military personnel was named by RDI “Heroes of Our Time” and may be used in connection with projects “Novo-Molokovo” and “Yuzhnoe Vidnoe”.

TOP 5 Nonstandard Residential Apartment Layouts

Development of the immovable property market and demand for high-quality residential space led to an increase in competition between development companies. To meet the demand and satisfy the needs of the most exacting buyers, development companies must continuously improve the quality parameters of their designs, one of which is comfort and original layout of the apartments they offer. In most cases, non-standard layout solutions help development companies improve residential apartment functionality. Sometimes they may help conceal non-ideal building design solutions. RDI experts have carried out a research whose purpose was to collect and analyze information on non-standard apartment layout solutions for special-design apartment houses. The list of projects to be analyzed included 400 apartment houses built in the territory of the Moscow Region and New Moscow. Then 47 projects with non-standard apartment layouts were selected. On their basis, the RDI experts prepared a rating of the most popular, non-standard apartment layouts on offer from the development companies.

Demand for Apartments in Yuzhnoye Vidnoe housing complex grew 30% during the last 12 months

Yuzhnoe Vidnoye is major economy-class residential housing project in the town of Vidnoe. It is also one of the major projects in apartment houses section of the RDI development company’s portfolio. The project is located 5 kilometers from the Moscow ring road in the southern part of the town. The total site area is 40 hectares, while the building area is more than 227 thousand square meters. During the last 12 months, sales of residential apartments in the Yuzhnoye Vidovo housing complex grew nearly 1.5 times. According to plans, the project will be completed in 2016.