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RDI Group Investments

As a shareholder in companies from various sectors of the economy, RDI Invest has portfolio investments in business projects both in Russia and in the international market, including Austria and Germany.

RDI Invest's total assets come to more than 115 billion rubles.

The assets are managed by RDI Group. Development and technologies of the future are the main areas of investment. The company is also actively expanding into other areas, such as investment real estate, oil extraction, consulting services, fitness and creative agency services.

As the managing company RDI group invests not only RDI Invest's money but also the capital of private investors.


Venture capital investment in Central and Eastern Europe

RDI Group successfully works with and manages investments in Speedinvest, the largest early stage investment fund in Austria and CEE, its focus is on seed funding digital start-ups. The fund is currently worth €87 million.

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RUNA Capital

Venture capital investment in IT

One of RDI Group's business partners is the venture capital fund RUNA Capital, which invests in software, the internet, mobile and cloud technologies in the fields of education, finance and medicine. The fund is currently worth over €100 million.

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TRIAD Berlin

Creative Agency

RDI Invest is a shareholder in the creative agency TRIAD, which has offices in Berlin and Shanghai and employs over 180 people. Triad has been planning and creating exhibitions, museums, theme parks, trade fairs, retail spaces and events worldwide since 1994.

TRIAD's activities cover the whole range of services in managing projects – strategic consultation, stage planning, design conception, media and production, construction planning and engineering.

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Sotheby's Real Estate Agency

The RDI Group is one of the shareholders of Sotheby's international real estate agency.

This is a unique and special network of brokers, that offers to its buyers a wide range of luxury homes, estates and other real estate properties for sale across the globe.

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Residential Estate «Out-of-town Quarter»


Out-Of-Town Quarter is a joint project of the RDI and Limitless companies. It is business class low rise residential estate. It is situated 8 km north of the capital near the Moscow Canal and is surrounded by Khimki forest. Out-Of-Town Quarter combines urban comfort, modern architecture and beautiful ecology.

The project concept makes provision for the construction of 14 multi-storey residential buildings of varying heights, 46 houses, kindergartens and items of infrastructure necessary for comfortable out-of-town living. Its own cultural centre should help in the organization of leisure activities, the unity of the residents and the realization of each person's creative potential.

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Project «Ostafyevo»


A joint RDI Group land development, construction and real estate investment project in Moscow. It has a total area of approximately 1000 hectares near the village of Ostafyevo, between Sherbinka and Podolsk. Large residential and commercial construction projects are planned.

PRIDE Wellness Club

The RDI Group together with other partners owns and operates PRIDE Wellness Club, a sports complex.

It is a closed complex of 7 000 square meters including the sports club, a beauty & SPA salon, a kids club and a restaurant – a world created for the most demanding and sophisticated like-minded people who appreciate ambiance, comfort and quality of services.

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RDI and PIK Comfort

The joint RDI and PIK Comfort real estate management project. The portfolio contains six projects: South Vidnoe residential estate, New-Molokovo residential estate, Southern Valley architectural suburb, Western Valley architectural suburb, M4 industrial estate and Kamenka nature Park.

The companies jointly monitor the quality of services rendered at their sites, render services to maintain and manage both residential and non-residential real estate, conduct prophylactic site surveys and also maintain a system for monitoring and notification.