As one of the largest developers in the Moscow region RDI Holding invest strategically in modern land management, construction and real estate projects in all sectors of the market. The holding manages every stage of the development process – from conception and construction to realization and maintenance of the completed projects.

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RDI Holding's current development portfolio consists of 7 projects with a total area of 1,600,000 m². Another 6 projects in the planning stage. In total investments in development projects exceeds 135 billion rubles. The company's next plans for the construction and realization of 2,900,000 m² of residential and commercial real estate. RDI handles the development and management.

The synergy between the investment and management resources provides colossal potential for the development of projects. RDI has completed and handed over for maintenance more than 500,000 m² of residential buildings.

RDI specializes mainly in creating affordable and comfortable residential homes. RDI pays particular attention to developing utilities and services in the grounds of its residential estates. One of RDI's unique advantages is its work in forming a friendly environment for a full life for people as part of its passion for life concept.

  • 01 «New-Molokovo»
  • 02 «Southern Valley»
  • 03 «Western Valley»
  • 04 «South Vidnoe»
  • 05 «Kamenka»
  • 06 «М4»

Residential Estate «New-Molokovo»


New-Molokovo is a comfort class project situated in an ecologically clean nature zone in the Lenin district just 9 km outside the Moscow ring-road along the Kashira highway. The basic concept is the idea of new urbanism.

This project plans to build 13 modern monolithic reinforced concrete multi-storey residential buildings of varying height, 9 of which have already been built and populated. The total area of the estate is 36.44 hectares and the total area of residential space being constructed is 240,000 m².

The project also plans to construct the necessary social and commercial infrastructure: schools, nurseries (kindergartens), retail premises, public clinics, sports clubs etc. which makes it self-sufficient, balanced and comfortable for living. It's very own cultural center is a favored meeting and mingling place for the residents.

Perkins Eastman International, the well-known American architectural bureau famed for the creation of projects for new estates and the reconstruction of mixed urban areas, participated in the development of the concept.

The Urban Services Portal, a special new website for residents providing a full range of informational support and services, has been launched. Here the residents can receive highly qualified consultations on any issues, order any kind of service with the possibility of quality control, pay for them and get feedback, all online. Wi-Fi in communal areas and web cameras on the children's playgrounds, which can be watched online through the website, are also provided for the residents.

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Architectural suburb «Southern Valley»


The Southern Valley architectural suburb is a multi-format residential area situated 9 km outside the Moscow ring-road along the Kashira highway in an ecologically clean area.

This ample sized estate contains 61 cottages, 369 houses, 4931 apartments.

Southern Valley pays special attention to infrastructure and personal development.

Provision is made for the construction of a school for 1000 pupils and 2 nurseries for 120 and 220 children, including a swimming pool. A fitness center, tennis court, football pitch, athletics and cycling tracks are to be built on the estate. Southern Valley has its own cultural center. This architectural suburb is being created for people who appreciate the practical use of space, plenty of light and a striking visual look.

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Architectural suburb «Western Valley»


Western Valley is one of the few multi-format residential estates in the Moscow region which matches the spirit of our time. It is unique in its architecture and quality of construction. The project combines the basic principles of new urbanism – quality of life, multi-functionalism, architectural variety etc. It has been rewarded with many prestigious Russian and international awards.

The Western Valley architectural suburb is a new style of real estate. It was developed using the state-of-the-art knowledge of Russian and Western architectural bureaus, modern construction technologies and expert planning. Famous internationally decorated architects worked on this project: Totan Kuzembaev, Yuliy Borisov, Andris Trushinsh and Vadim Grekov.

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Residential Estate «South Vidnoe»


South Vidnoe is a new estate 5 km outside the Moscow ring road where 14 residential buildings as well as constructions for communal services, utilities, cultural activities, modern transport and engineering infrastructure are under construction. The bright building facades, visual design of communal spaces, its own cultural center, the modern and convenient plans of the apartments and GPON in every apartment are distinctive features of this project.

This 40 ha estate is situated in the southern part of Vidnoe town and borders the town of Lenin's Hills. An extensive transport hub makes this an appealing area for ease of access and living.

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Natural park «Kamenka»

Kamenka nature park is a modern business class estate situated 22 km from the Moscow ring-road along the Kiev highway. Project concept makes provision for the creation of residential homes whilst preserving the unique nature of the local ecosystem, which includes black alder, deciduous and coniferous forests, meadows, lakes and streams and is spread over an area of more than 3000 ha. In order to preserve the local nature untouched we spent over 7 years designing the project and preparing the space for construction.

Kamenka nature Park is an amazing opportunity to live in a comfortable modern home in new Moscow in harmony with the environment. We offer our clients 10 acres of land.

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Industrial park «М4»


The M4 industrial park is an industrial estate situated 8 km from Moscow along the Kashira highway in the Lenin district of Moscow Region. The project makes provision for the construction of central supply lines (gas, electricity, water, sewers, telephone and Internet) and of infrastructure facilities (reservoir, electricity and gas stations, household, industrial and weather drainage systems, administrative buildings and lorry parks.)

The territory is organized in such a way as to enable it to house all kinds of businesses at once, including food production, scientific research centers, administrative buildings, warehouses and other branches of industry. This makes the development of small and medium-sized production possible. As such the goal of the M4 industrial park is to enable manufacturers to confidently develop their business on their own specially tailored land.

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