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RDI Cultural Center

RDI Cultural Centre is a unique project run by RDI Group to develop communal spaces in residential estates. Thanks to the cultural centres residents can spend more time near their home without leaving the estate. In working actively with the residents the centres helps to produce a creative, comfortable and neighbourly atmosphere to allow the residential associations to carry out their tasks.


Viennacontemporary is the leading international contemporary art fair, offerering the most extensive array of contemporary art from Austria, the highest concentration of Eastern European galleries worldwide, and a continuously growing international scope with specil attention to emerging markets. Viennacontemporary brings together people striving to broaden their knowledge of European art, including art gallery owners, collectors, curators, artists, art critics, museum representatives and art lovers.

Project Site

RDI. Creative

RDI Creative is a branch of our business created to develop dialogue between culture and business.

RDI Creative introduces cultural and social innovations through dialogue between different spheres. It also consults on the organization of projects in the cultural sphere, including the organization of event programs, develops cultural edutainment (educational entertainment) programs and support publishing initiatives.

The company organizes more than 40 excursions daily. RDI Creative has more than 20 exclusive events in its portfolio.