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Farm "Golovkovo"

Production of milk - 6 181 ton per year

One of the oldest and largest agricultural companies producing animal products in Moscow Region. It is the current distributor of raw material for two of the largest dairy manufacturers, Wimm-Bill-Dann and Danone.

In 2012 the farm gained its status as a breeding farm to breed cattle.

The farm consists of 4452 hectares with 2100 head of cattle and currently has a gross output of 6181 tonnes of milk a year, which is increasing each year.

Livestock breeding farm

Current number of cattle - 2 100 heads

The Golovkovo state farm is a breeding farm. The farm selectively breeds purebred Holstein Friesians as well as treating the herd for bovine leukaemia. We are planning to restock our livestock in 2017.

At the same time the Moskovskoye breeding farm is working on increasing the yield of forage fed cattle and on breeding healthy young cattle for breeding purposes.