Choose section As a shareholder in companies from various sectors of the economy, RDI Invest has portfolio investments in business projects both in Russia and in the international market, including Austria and Germany. RDI Invest's total assets come to more than 115 billion rubles. RDI Group manages agricultural objects, which are an important part of the lifeblood of the Moscow region. The Golovkovo state farm and a breeding farm are members of the group. We derive our inspiration from contemporary art, working with artists and architects in order to create a multifaceted living space. Our professionalism enables us to provide a high level of service with our cultural projects. As one of the largest developers in the Moscow region RDI Holding invest strategically in modern land management, construction and real estate projects in all sectors of the market. The holding manages every stage of the development process – from conception and construction to realization and maintenance of the completed projects.